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Bike Lanes (a couple of interesting articles)

TweetA couple of interesting articles about bike lanes and their affect on traffic congestion (or as is demonstrated in these articles, the lack thereof. First there is: Bike Lanes Don’t Cause Traffic Jams If You’re Smart About Where You Build … Continue reading

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On Your Right (Must Read Article)

TweetIt occurs to me that I should have called this blog On Your Right.  That’s because most of my cycling time I hear courteous cyclists call out “On Your Left!” and that’s how I want to respond.  I am a … Continue reading

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In the news: Biking Up, Motoring Down

TweetA report from US PIRG notes that driving in the US is in decline: The New York Times how this decline is affecting Charlotte, NC. Closer to home, WBUR looks into motoring on the wane in Boston. StreetsBlog asks why road … Continue reading

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Must Read Blog Post on Bike Safety

Tweet  This terrific post on Steve Miller’s Blog called BICYCLING SAFETY: Preventing Injury Requires Multiple Strategies is a long read but worth reading for it’s compilation of strategies for making bicycling safer and desirable for everyone.  Check it out!  

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Bike Tips From Mark Hamill

TweetHey kids, Luke Skywalker himself  has some tips for safely operating your bike courtesy of this vintage edition of The Mini Page from 1978.

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