Biking in 2013

So, I hate to write one of those blog posts where I say “I haven’t posted in a long time but I plan to start posting again” because it seems like I’m setting myself up for failure.  Nevertheless, I’ve come up with a list of topics regarding bike commuting, bike safety, and bike advocacy and hope to put up a post once a week going forward.  In addition to that I will add posts of my own rides and experiences out in the city once Spring finally arrives and I begin riding regularly again.  And kudos to those of you who rode through the winter, I hope to join your ranks again one day.

The past year, I barely rode my own bike at all due to the fact that my son grew too big for  a child seat and my daughter was too young, and I generally had one of them along on my daily commutes.  I did make a great amount of use of Hubway in 2012, connecting with the T or riding from work to as close to Jamaica Plain as I  could get.  This year, my daughter is  old enough to ride in a bike seat and I’m hoping to teach my son to ride his own bike and as a result get into the habit of riding my bike around much more often.

At any rate, if for some reason I fail to return to blogging, I want to make this post as useful as possible by collecting together community bike rides and events in the greater Boston area in the coming year.  If you have have information about any other events, please post them in the comments or tweet me at @Othemts and I’ll update the list.  Keep in mind I’m looking for one-day events for your average person as opposed to hardcore racing or endurance rides.

April – 30 Days of Biking
April 7 – Spring Middlesex Canal Bike Ride
April 15 – Boston Midnight Marathon
May 5 – Boston Spring Tweed Ride
May 11 – 19 – Bike Week
May 12 – JP Bikes Spring Roll
May 18 – Franklin Park Bike and Kite Festival
May 18 – Cambridge Bikes “Sweet Ride”
May 19 – Brookline Bike Parade
June 2 – Bikes Not Bombs Bike-A-Thon
June 2 – Bike to the Sea Day
June 28 – Bike Friday
July 14 – Circle the City (details tba)
July 26 –  Bike Friday
July 28 – Summer Century and Family Ride
Mid-to-Late August – Boston By Bike at Night (details tba)
August 30 –  Bike Friday
Sept. 22 – Hub on Wheels
Oct. 5 – Middlesex Canal 11th Annual Bike Tour North
Oct. 31 – Halloween Bike Ride

The Somerville Bicycle Committee can be counted on for a few great events each year, but they haven’t updated the calendar for 2013 yet.  There should be more offerings from Cambridge Bikes too.

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