Boston Bike Commuter Report, June 2015

I’m a slow biker. I’m a slow blogger too.  So, it’s almost the end of July and here is my bike report for June.

I rode 22 days out of 30.  Highlights of the month include the Bikes Not Bombs Bike-A-Thon and taking my bike on a trip to Cape Cod.  Despite all that, I managed to ride fewer miles than I did in May. 🙁     My goal for July is to try to average 10 miles/day.

Here are my stats:

Total miles: 211.18

Average miles per day riding:  9.59

Most miles in a single day: 15.6

Fewest miles in a single day (when actually biking):  1.15

Most consecutive days bicycling:  6 (twice)

Most consecutive days failing to bike: 3

Cities biked in: 4 (Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Eastham)

I will put up my July report next week, I promise!

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